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Andy is correct. I said “exactly” which wasn’t exactly true . When doing these it’s important to have direct metal-to-metal contact inside the crimped fitting, as well as where the flange contacts the battery terminal or other device. Went back and looked at my prior instructions in post #61, and I say that in the last paragraph. Again, it’s important for only bare cable to be inserted into the crimp fitting. Then using shrink-fit with pre-applied internal sealant will keep the air out once it is heat activated. However, the YT video did not mention how important it is to NOT attach that shrink-fit such that it contacts, get “squished” into or impairs the mechanical attachment point of the fitting flange to the battery or device. At best that can degrade the connection and at worst, can be dangerous from a fire standpoint. Once the crimper is used and the fitting flange is attached, die-Electric grease or Noalox should only be applied to any exposed bare metal of the flange/fitting and the nut. This stuff is used to prevent corrosion/oxidation on exposed bare metal and certainly NOT for lubrication (as mentioned in the YT video). On the exposed EXTERIOR bare metal attachments of my install I used a thin coat of die-electric, then applied some liquid electrical tape. Three years later there is absolutely no corrosion anywhere so it seems to be working.

Sorry for any confusion
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