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Well, I thought I was hearing a relay. Today the prime switch resulted in nothing but silence. I did replace the air filter. Tried opening the bleed screw a little to see if prime was working, but got no pressure (or noise). I already have the secondary filter. Waiting on the Racor filter from NAPA on Tuesday before I change the fuel filters.

However, I was able to get the genset to run for quite a while today. Based on no prime, but a running gen, I am wondering if it might be the 1CR relay in the gen control box. Based not he contact numbering, is that a Bosch relay like so many other things in the WL? If so, are they mounted in sockets for easy plug-n-play?

If it is the relay, how difficult is it to get inside there with the gen in the bus?

In mid-May were going to be temp-fulltime and moving to Idaho. Trying to knock out as many mechanical issues that we can before then. This will be a major one to resolve!
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