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Curt,we have some new rules about posting coachs for sale.

New guidelines for “Coaches For Sale by WOG Members”

To place a free ad on the Wanderlodge Owners Group Forum, you must be a member of WOG (in good standing) for at least six months and you must have posted at least 20 times on various topics.

If not a member in good standing with the requirements stated above, Sellers will be charged $200 to place an Ad. "Contact Us" and ask about payment details.

Dealers will be charged $400 to place Ads on the Wanderlodge Owners Group Forum – "Contact Us" and ask about payment details.

All Ads must be less than 200 words and be limited to 10 thumbnail attachments with a maximum of one imbedded picture that is 800 X 600 pixels or less in size.

All Ads must include contact information for the seller.

All correspondence must be done by email or phone with the seller.

WOG is paid for privately; Donations from any seller will gladly be accepted.

We reserve the right to make changes to these requirements and to remove coach for sale ads at any time.

email me at only.

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