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Originally Posted by Dieselbird01 View Post
Hi Dan,

I’m not sure this applies at all to what you have but the original refrigerator in my 91 Bird was a 3 way Dometic RM3804 which had an “Ignition Lock” feature. I think it’s function was to switch the refrigerator to 12 volt operation whenever the ignition key was on and also to delay the gas operation mode for a period of time after the ignition key was turned off so that the refrigerator wouldn’t switch to gas right away - giving you time to fuel up the coach without having the refrigerator gas flame come on.

The replacement Dometic RM2820 that I installed does not have that feature so the “Ignition Lock” signal is not needed. The noteworthy thing about this is that (at least on my 91 Bird) they decided to use a green wire for the “Ignition Lock” signal. Since the wire was green and it went to the wire terminal block on the old refrigerator, it could have been easy to mistake it for a ground wire that needed to be attached to the new refrigerator. That would be a big mistake because that wire has +12 Volts on it when the key is on.
Same on the 88 FC
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