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Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
you may want to look at valid manufacturing
They make the Aux Compressors for the Newell
This thread is a little dated (2 years) but since my coach did not come with an acc. compressor and this is the only one I've found dealing with all that...

The goals are (1) to air the suspension without/prior to running the engine, (2) tire inflation, (3) possible use for air tools, and (4) elimination of the 110V pancake compressor that is only used for the Microphore. The dump valves have been amputated and replaced with manual.

I'm now looking at a Viair two-compressor system (I think Viair is the same as the Valid that Stephen mentions) with 12V/40A compressor and a 2.5 gallon accessory reserve tank (I might try to go with a smaller tank). The system will build 165 PSI and produce about 3.5 cfm. I'd add the necessary regulator for the Microphore on that line, and for the line feeding the coach system there would be a dryer/filter and regulator set at 120 PSI. I'd Tee off that for a hose reel to be used for tires and tools.

This is the current thought. Does anyone see any problem with any part of it, or maybe a suggestion for something different?
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