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Are you talking about the female quick disconnect in the water heater bay? As far as I know, it's just a standard female air fitting. I've never had a problem connecting any of my air hoses up to it.

As for hooking up your aux compressor to it... On my coach, there is no check valve to prevent back feeding the system via that fitting. I have hooked my shop air to that connection in the past. My only concern is that memory serve, that fitting is plumbed BEYOND the air dryer. In other words, if you hook your aux compressor up to it, you'll be introducing moist air into your air system (if I am right about the plumbing). Not a good idea long term.

Not sure how similar our two coaches are plumbed. 91 and up coaches have a lot of changes, but perhaps the basic plumbing design is the same as yours.

Hope this helps.
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