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Default Medical Insurance when travelling

I am going on Medicare next month and have just had to decide about this stuff. I found that the Medigap plans were pretty expensive so I have opted for the Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Tennessee) Sapphire Advantage plan to go with my Medicare Part B. It has no premiums but does have copays for Doctor visits. One big plus is that BC/BS is pretty much around the country wherever you are. And drugs are covered up to the "doughnut hole" with small copays as well. If you hit the doughnut hole it gets expensinve quickly, but I think this is the case independent of whichever plan you choose. BC/BS has several other plans including some with premiums (Diamond, Platinum) that are better if you expect big problems with hospital stays, etc., but we are hoping that doesn't happen for awhile. I understand you can change plans once a year during the enrollment period with no penalty.

But, as the disclaimers always say, I am not responsible for any of this information and you should check it out yourself as your circumstances may be different.

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