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Do over......heck no. I love the Wanderlodges and even better the BMC and my dream ride.....M380 or LXi.!!! America never built a better rig if you asked me.
My 1980 is built like a tank and is very nice in the cold weather. I have been coast to coast with very few problems. Ride is nice with the springs and good in the snow.
The newer 8.3 Cummins runs good with good mpg. Bluebirds are where its at for us and the rest can never quite measure up!! Ended in the middle of another makes rally this year and sure am glad we all don't have the problems they all do.
Most of all we have this group and birds in common.Sure are alot of things that get fixed here!!! Many years of doing the right thing makes for a nice ride
Mike Meyers
Nikiski, Alaska
1997 BMC 37'
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