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I had the same problem when I bought mine 2 1/2 years ago. The major culprit was the castering tag air cylinder. Does yours have the castering tag? If so, start there.

I replaced every push fitting I could find with DOT fittings, which are FAR less leak prone than the fittings with the little green plastic ring. In that process I found several leaks, one above the TV in a tee fitting for the air horns.

If you do change the plumbing of the 110vac air compressor, remember to change the source of the air line to its pressure switch to the toilet/seal tank.

By the way, I learned the expensive way by removing the tag axle air cylinder and having it rebuilt while having an arm built to replace the cylinder for driving. The easy way would have been to put a solenoid valve on the supply to that air cylinder and operate it off the ignition switch so that part of the system is sealed off when not driving.

If you are going to be at WOG or the BB Chapter rally in Webster,FL., I'll show you a lot more improvements in that system on my bus.
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