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At the risk of taking over Lee Davis's firm grip on being called cheap, I got a 24' flag pole and a base from Big Lots about 10 years ago. I'm still using it. The pole and the base was about $30 total. The pole was aluminum and in four sections. The base is nothing more than a plastic patio umbrella base. You fill it with water to weight it down. It works great, because you fill it up to use it and then empty it and it weighs nothing. The pole fits in the hole perfectly and it has never moved. I set it up outside the driver side window and wrap a bungy cord around the driver's side awning arm and the pole. I then got one of these lights I love it. It is a perfect light. lasts all night long and lights the flag no matter what direction the wind is blowing. I think I paid only $29 for the light when I got it, but it has been a while back.

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