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there are 2 weed wackers there plus a push mower they were in the laundry room at the club house there was also a roll of string for the weed wackers.

bring gas straight gas for the mover and 32;1 gas mix for the weed eaters

We attempted to show Randy how to use these items but he resisted claiming his knee hurt,bad back.sore shoulder, indigestion, not strong enough,incompetent instructors, no electric start, no seat, too cold, not enough light and a few choice words

there is however a ride on toro at the factory maybe we can get permission to use it I do believe it runs but currently it will not start must be the kysor tempstat or the aquahot or lack of fuel

if we get permission to use the nest if everyone cuts one lot and trims a bunch it will not be a hardship
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