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Thank you all,

Before deciding to buy the bus, I knew it needed drive and tag tires because the PO mentioned it in the ad. During my first inspection with my younger brother he noticed the alternator was leaking oil. When I mentioned it to a WOG member he informed me to be careful because if a ball bearing found its way through the filters and ended in the engine It could be big trouble. (I hope I remembered that correctly) Well, that scared the bejesus out of me. I did not want to drive it at all in that condition. So, when the PO took the bus in for service I took the opportunity and had Risco RV replace the alternator. It cost what it did for peace of mind.

Randy-the WOG member did tell me about your alternator. I was too far and too nervous being my first bus. I hope you can still help a newbie like myself by looking at my bus and advising next steps if any. I was thinking about heading to Coachcraft in January or February 2019 on my way to Disney World to see if they can repair a headliner and some kitchen drawers.
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