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Well fellow fulltimers, my time is getting close and my nerves are driving me crazy.
How did you guys deal with this?
I am very excited to be out of the house and on the open road with the love of my life on the adventure of a lifetime, don't get me wrong. I also know there is a fair amount of stress that surrounds any big life events and this is no different. I just look over all the workamper and working couples sites and can't begin to make my mind up on where I want to start this journey. I have started packing the house up and that makes me happy. But then the enormity of it all hits me and I'm and stuck in bed, wishing my brain would shut off so I could sleep. Part of me wants to remain closer (like a days drive) to home (SWFL) to make sure my daughter is able to stand on her own two feet with the house and all, but then the other part wants to be closer to the hubby's father (Long Island, NY) who is in his mid 80' I have been looking at possibilities between SC, NC, TN, PA, and NJ....but then my heart aches to go out west....where I've yet to venture to.

I will just be glad when all this is over with and we are hitting the road...finally.
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