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Originally Posted by DonB View Post
If you have an original plasma monitor (it wasn't really a TV) it weighs about 50 lbs. I had a friend hold it up while I released the latches. Do you know how the latches work?
Fortunately, the PO had the fun of getting the plasma out. He replaced it with a 40" Samsung and a new mount that I haven't been able to see yet. I do see pull strings, but also some redneck engineered plumbers strap fastened between the TV and wood braces along the bottom of the overhead cabinet. Hoping when I unscrew the strap, the strings will release the mount without the whole thing crashing down. I'll post pics once I get the TV out.

All of this to plug in an HDMI cable for my Apple TV!!

Carolyn: You're following the usual learning pattern of a new owner. No matter how much you read and/or use the "search" function, sometimes you're just going to have to ask. Most WOGers will chime in because we all want an engaged community of owners who are invested in keeping these treasures up-to-date.
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