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I check the fluids regularly. When it failed I was on an upward incline, but checked the fluid anyway. It did not show on the stick so I bought the last two quarts from the Flying J and added it. Then it showed on the tip of the stick. There was no fluid leaking or on the undercarriage that I could see, so I assume it was likley ok. The tranny temp was fine.

I would assume it is a control circuit/spring/valve. If it was bad bands or clutches it would slip and probably not grab. I did put in in reverse with the brakes on and gave it a little throttle, it didn't bump, but it did in drive. That pretty much covers the torque converter I think.

I am hopeing for an experienced guy to know what he is looking at. I would bet an in-frame fix will be a **** of a lot cheaper than an Allison reman swap. Remember, I am an out-of-state RV guy in a truck shop in PA. Not always the best negotiating stance.

Did I mention that the tow guy was pretty knowledgeable and was careful, however, the seal he used on the axel leaked and the rear of the coach is drowned in oil, not to mention my Jeep. We followed them to the truck shop and my wife said it looked like rain on the windshield.
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