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And just to remove one more possibility, if your inverter was on when the hot skin occurred, retest with inverter both on and off.

Note: On our 94 BMCs, the inverter does not charge the batteries, only the converter charges the batteries. If you are plugging in only to keep the batteries charged versus needing 110 volt in the coach - when I kept my 94 on the side of my sticks and bricks, I plugged the 20 amp extension cord from my garage directly into the converter charger to keep the batteries up, not using the coach shore line cord at all. Of course you will still need to find the source of the hot skin to make sure you will be safe under all future conditions. I suspect your shore extension cord hookup more than suspecting the coach itself.

Check out adding a Progressive Industries EMS or similar on your incoming shore power cord. They and others make versions for permanent install, and ones you just plug in at the pedestal. I wired a permanent one in.
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