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Default Mike

Looks like fun Mike. I am recovering from two back surgeries, hemorrhoid surgery and hernia surgery all in a few months time. It will be a jam to get our bus ready for any summer trips. Doing water therapy to get my back and right leg to work properly at this time. You all have a great time. It looks like fun. I took the left rear brake apart to fix a butched up leaky wheel seal and had to call my neighbor in to do the heavy lifting. Someone didn't have the proper parts so did an RTV repair that didn't work out that well. The drums on this old bus are really heavy and there is a ton of meat in there so it won't have to be turned or replaced. At least at this point I am off daily infusion and can do some work in the shop without waiting for my wife to go somewhere and sneaking out there. She was on my case about everything until the doc said I could lift 30 lbs.

Rick in Ohio

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