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Interesting thread. Here's some ideas... hope it helps.

I lived in my coach for a job in Santa Rosa CA. RV park was in Cloverdale. Next door neighbor was full-timer with his wife. Nice folks.

He worked as a handyman under a local contractor. There was this upscale senior citizens residential neighborhood. I believe it was a Del Web complex. The houses were all the same give or take 3 floor plans, and all needed the same repairs.

He had gone there, and asked around as to who was the “go-to” guy for home repairs. They told him of the contractor who was liked, but way too busy. He contacted the contractor and got the gig. In California, you pretty much have to go with a licensed contractor, not a handyman, due to legal restrictions. No so in many states.

At any rate, the guy had all the work he wanted for 10 months before he left for Wisconsin and then Florida. I think he’s doing the same thing again. At least that was his plan.

Lawn mowing? Shrubbery work? Interior painting? Honey-do list? The work is available in most areas because we have more senior citizens (like me) who want things done. To this audience, grey hair and maturity will not scare the customer away. They can pay cash and can recommend you to friends and neighbors.

Its crazy, but a needed a hedge trimmed. It was 8’ tall and 50’ long. A local yard guy gave me a bid of $500. I turned him down. I bought a Toro electric hedge trimmer, and did one side in 30 minutes, the other in 45 minutes, and the top in an hour. Clean up took another hour.

My neighbor who works long hours, hired the yard guy to do his similar hedge for $750. They took it down to 4’ and two men took 2 hours, including cleanup. They had gas powered trimmers and a dump truck. I see his guys doing similar hedges each season.

All I’m suggesting here is that there is opportunity out there if you are physically able to sweat and climb a step ladder, and own a few tools.

Hey… if I recall, you play bass or guitar. Could you do seasonal work in a music store?Could you give lessons? Just a thought. How about dog-sitting or pet care while people are on vacation?

My neighbor pays an older guy to spray wash her house every year. Machine came from Costco. He started 5 years ago, and now is shifting to managing a crew from the comfort of his new truck.

Then she looked and looked until she found someone who would SHOW UP to do yard work.

That's my 2 cents.

Best to you.
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