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Default we go and what I have learned.

1) You can't turn off your refrigerator at the breaker. It still runs on the inverter.
2) You can only turn off inside where you set the thermostat or turn off the inverter and the breaker (if still on 120).
3) My batteries when to marginal running the fridge all night. I think I have some battery issues. I will get into all that next week.
4) My door control panel made it through all the inverter powered stuff and ran a day or two on 120 again and died. I thought I would be reporting that was no longer a concern of mine. Actually it isn't because I am not going to worry about it. The ice maker still makes ice and we use it very seldom anyway. The door will no longer dispense the ice so not the end of the world. Fridge and Freezer seem to be just fine.

The fridge went from 35 degrees to 41 degrees in just a couple of hours in the desert at about 70 degrees outside.

I will start a separate thread on my genny issues and why we had to leave Quartzsite.
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