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I don't even argue about them anymore. AGMs vs Lead Acid will always be there as a Chevy vs Ford problem. SO.. what I do is just state some FACTS and let the end user decide for themselves;

1) Typically lead acid will be the best solution all around when ALL THINGS are considered. Even if you do a $ per year analysis with equal care to the batteries, you cannot beat a lead acid.

2) AGM's do outperform lead acid BUT require care as they are NOT immune to to improper care & charging. AGM's are VERY susceptible to over charging and can be damaged easily! Sure you can set your smart charger for proper charges (14.38v bulk & 13.38v float) but make sure your alternator never goes above that bulk rate. Most factory set chargers and alternators are set to 14.3-14.7v and that is too much for AGM.

3) You should not ever connect AGM to any other battery type due to differences in batteries. So do not use solenoids to jumper them to other dissimilar banks.

4) NEVER equalize an AGM battery.

5) IF you want the best performance & IF money is no object & IF you know the proper way to charge them, THEN AGMs are the battery for you.
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