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Default MeWe: Mobile : What to Expect

MeWe is a online social media platform that focuses on user privacy and is ad free. It's purpose is for casual discussion and chit-chat regarding the life-style, travel experiences, and of course the coaches. It is not meant for technical discussions.

There are (3) MeWe WOG groups.

Wanderlodge-SOCIAL (The main group)

Wanderlodge-Rallies (dedicated to rallies with sub-groups for each rally)

Wanderlodge-SOS (an emergency only channel for connecting with WOG support)

Additionally there will be secondary groups that are affiliated with WOG such as BuyByeBlueBird.

Here's what to expect on a mobile device:

The initial screen:

The login screen:

After login your 'Home' page will appear. NOTICE THE MENUS AT THE BOTTOM:

The Wanderlodge-SOCIAL group:

The Wanderlodge-RALLIES group:

Selecting the 'I' button for add'l information brings up the following screen:

Selecting 'Events' will allow you to choose an individual Rally sub-group:

Selecting a rally will display that rallies sub-group:

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