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Default BMC Battery Cables

OK, with all the recent WB Wanderlodge fires I decided to look over my 1997, 37 foot BMC.

Today, I only got as far as the battery cables. Now just a heads up, mine may be different than other BMCs. I have two group 31 start batteries and three 4D coach batteries in the battery compartment just aft of the right rear tire. The cables from these batteries go out of the battery compartment through a sheet metal panel inboard of the batteries. I could not see the routing or cables without crawling under the coach and looking at the backside of the battery compartment. I was able to see a small amount of chaffing on the fabric covering on one of the cables. It was not enough to cause immediate concern about a short as the plastic cable covering was good but it was enough to make me act. I used some one inch convoluted tubing and installed it around the sheet metal panel hole as a barrier to the sharp edge on the hole cutout.

I will look and possibly do more next time the batteries are out.

Just FYI.
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