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Originally Posted by GregBryantSr View Post
We are on our trip from FL to CA.
We are in Wilcox AZ heading thru Tucson and Phoenix.
Currently when we power up the middle AC it pegs Leg1 running off the gen.
We now have it shut off.
The rear AC periodically shuts off.
When we were at a park in TX we had all 3 AC's running with no problems plugged into 50A.
The problems seem to have occurred after switching to the gen.
Leg1 and Leg2 show about 110v.
With the front on, Leg1 shows 18a and Leg2 shows 2a.
With the rear on, Leg2 goes up to about 20a.
Last night the rear ran all night, but now it runs for a while and then stops.
No breakers are tripped.
The front and middle are penguin II about 2 years old.
The rear is also a penguin about year old.

Not sure if it is related, but the domestic NDR1292 does not cool worth anything while traveling.
Put a fan in the outside to blow air at the coils and it seems to help when parked, but not much when moving.

I need the name of a good shop in Tucson or Phoenix to take the Bird to have the electrical system analyzed.


Greg, I installed 3 computer fans just under the frig upper vent. They are DPDT, ON, OFF, or Snap Disc. Last week in 110 degree temps frig cooled to below freezing...had to shut down one fan to keep from freezing.
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