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Default Propane QD

Hi John

I had the original electrical bbq in my 94pt40... Always wanted a gas bbq. Never could quite get the hang of electrical heat. While I was having my propane refilled in BC I asked the shop if they could plumb me up for a propane bbq. I had that same qd you mentioned. The technician pointed out that the system pressure of the propane tank was higher than the regulated pressure of the propane stoves and was not compatible, further he noted that the qd was not rated at the appropriate pressure for the bird propane plumbing....

now the disclaimer.... I do not know what I'm talking about, and I can not give expert advise.... but: The tech swapped out the qd for a gate valve.... rated at a much higher pressure. I now use a propane bbq, purchased for marine use.. at west marine.... designed to use those little propane bottles you buy at a sporting goods store, only in my case I have Bluebird Propane. The new valve pressure and the bbq are compatible.

So this long winded post is written for one reasos. Make sure your qd is rated properly for the gas pressure .

Nice to meet you and spend time at Q..... see you down the road.
Ed & Penny
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