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Originally Posted by Randy Dupree View Post
I love to cook too,and i use a crockpot whe we drive,and the grill and my hot plate outside.
Like Randy T,i am normally disappointed with going out to eat.
I am not a food snob,i am not a food snob,i am,,,
I'm not a food snob, but I get really peeved when I get a frozen burger somewhere. I named my dog Maki, if you know what that means...

Originally Posted by LDM680 View Post
I gave up carrying my anvil collection around and have replaced it with the following:
  1. Portable single burner induction cooktop. Works in the coach as well on the picnic table via an extension cord.
  2. InstantPot 3qt.- works well for 2 people -rice, stews etc
  3. Mini Green Egg (charcoal) - for 2 people- hamburgs, steaks, spatchcock chicken, individual sized pizzas (550+ degrees F), even made pulled pork.
  4. Weber Q 100 (propane) - kabobs, grilled vegetables, with griddle- bacon, eggs and pancakes, and grilling for more than 2 people.
  5. Lodge Cast Iron frying pan, 5 qt double dutch oven.
  6. Tefal stack able sauce pans, removable handles etc.
  7. Glass wine goblets.
I had to look up those tefals, very handy! I think I'm going to order some this weekend. I will always have a cast iron pan with, but I need to figure out the grill thing. I might be able to get an infrared set up in my LP bay outside. I have a 160,000 btu wok burner I set up for some outdoor asian cooking that I'd like to take with, too. I smoke a lot at home and do quite a bit of sous vide, too. The sous vide works great on the bus, but I haven't been gone long enough to bring a smoker!

Originally Posted by LDM680 View Post
Our dishwasher is a 70+year old, 180 lb male object. It requires minimum maintenance. Stores in part of a queen bed at night time. Relatively quiet. Rarely emits unusual sounds and smells. Portable. Powered by 3 meals a day, some caffeine and adult beverage. Sadly, the warranty has expired many years ago and replacement parts are difficult to find.
I'd hate to clean up the piles out in the yard from that dog! Wait, 70 years old?

Originally Posted by Dave Stokes View Post
I LOVE to cook and will cook some awesome meals in the coach and at home. The great thing about cooking gourmet at home is that I get to control what fats I use and how much. Good fats are good and some fats are just plain bad. Unplug your appliances when not in use though. Especially Ninja blenders!!!!!!
DAVE, I have a Ninja at home and I'm tempted to just leave it plugged in all the time now. I kid, I kid. But no, really, I should get 3 or 4 more and leave them plugged in.
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