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Originally Posted by White Hat Guy View Post
Mallie: I have wanted the silverleaf for some time, but with the DDEC II 8 v 92 its function is very limited. I've asked this before, but I'll do it again, would it be worth getting the the silverleaf when all the reporting data I can receive is oil pressure, temps and RPMs?
Tommy I have a Silverleaf now and had one in my 94 as well. In my 94 it provided much more than just what you've mentioned. You can also hook up a pair of speakers to your computer and set the Silverleaf program to warn you if any particular engine parameter goes south. I hooked up auxiliary speakers because I was afraid road noise would overpower the smallish computer speakers. Silverleaf will also provide you diagnostics of many engine/tranny issues in plain language rather than flashing light code. You can download the program and see the many features first hand before you buy it. Here's the link
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