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Originally Posted by DonB View Post
On the 90 DDEC II (I don't know if later DDEC IIs offered more) the important ones I don't get are engine oil temp, coolant sensor, and nothing at all from the transmission.

I monitor speed (at least on mine, the MPH is exactly right, as shown by many comparisons with GPS, radar signs, and measured miles), RPM, coolant temp, oil pressure, battery voltage, instant fuel flow, immediate mileage, other calculated mileages, fuel remaining (calculated), turbo pressure, engine load percentage, throttle position, set cruise speed. I think that's it.

The voltage the DDEC sees is different than seen by dash gauge or even my xantrex readout. It alerted me both with its low value and jumping around that my block was badly grounded; I get much better voltage consistency (but still in the low 13s) since I ran a heavy ground wire to a block bolt.
Don, I guess I am kinda slow today. You have that Silver Leaf stuff in your coach, right?

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