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Originally Posted by Randy Dupree View Post
I drove a 1993WB40 down into the canyon.
Its steep,we had no problems but i would leave the coach on top next time.

If your late getting into Amarillo you can stay at a little town on 287,just SE of Amarillo,we sleep there all the time at the town square,right in the courthouse parking lot.
Small little town,a great place to sleep.
Randy, you must be talking about Clarendon and the Donley County courthouse. Nice little town with real friendly folks. A speed trap, but that probably isn't much of a problem for WOGgers.

That whole area up there has sights worth seeing. Palo Duro is one, but there is also Caprock Canyon a bit south of there near Turkey Texas, birthplace to Bob Wills, Buffalo Lake Wildlife Refuge just to the southwest, Lake Meredith up north a bit by Borger. All of these places have RV parks that don't require descending into the canyon.

I've been down in the Canyon towing a 5th wheel and didn't have much of a problem except that pull back up. The last few times I've been there I stayed at the Caprock and drove the pick-up when I wanted to go anywhere else.
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