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It is my understanding that the neutral and ground should be bonded at the source, and not in two places. That said, when the transfer switch is in shore position the ground and neutral are bonded at the campground source (not the pedistal, at the main campground breaker panel).

When the transfer switch in in the gen position, there should be a system that bonds neutral and ground at the generator. This could be a relay or simply take advantage of the fact that the generator neutral is isolated when the transfer switch is in the shore position, so the bond would not be presented to the RV breaker panel.

A third system, the inverter, also needs to follow the rule. My xantrex automaticaly bonds neutral and ground when it is running on the batteries, but disconnects the bond (relay) when ac current is detected at the input indicating generator or shore power.

So there are places for conflicts to happen, like if the breaker that supplies AC to the Xantrex is shut off, the xantrex will bond neutral and ground even if the shore power or generator are active.

So I have as many questions as answers. It would be great to get a final, complete expert explanation of the whole package. I am sure someone has one, or can find one.
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