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Default Using Your 'Birds Generator For Emergency Power

When using an alternate source to feed the house, such as the generator from the bird, many factors have to be taken into consideration.

SAFETY - not for you but for the electrician or lineman working to restore the downed lines. UNLESS you have permission from the hydro company, there is NO WAY that you should tie the two together. Generally a transfer switch is used, similar to the transfer switch in the bird, either you are on shore power or generator power, but NEVER both.

BONDING - Gardener has summed it up pretty good. Anything that belongs to the house section should have the neutral and ground bonded.
Anything inside the coach, with the exception of the generator, the neutral and ground should not be bonded.

Did you ever get your buddy plug hooked up. If not, the easiest way is to come right from the main panel from a 30A 120 volt breaker. This way your wiring etc and circuit is protected the way it should be. If you were to hook up a circuit directly to the main 60 amp box, then you would not have any protection other than the 60 amp breaker.
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