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Since I think FJ is now up to 9 cents differential between cash and credit I suspect I will be at the RV pumps for a long time in the future!

On the subject of speed/mileage, I did some eperimenting today.

I crossed the Bonneville salt flats under ideal conditions this morning, with not even a slight breeze when we stopped at the rest stop on the west end. I don't know of anywhere else that you can get so many miles of level straight run without any elevation change.

I ran two miles each with the cruise control at 60, 65, and 70. The GPH for those three were 10, 12.2, and 14.8. That works out:


A/C was on, so cooling fan was on high.

I did not test 55 because on cruise my rig will downshift to 4th at about 58, and it wouldn't be a good test. Didn't test 75 (the limit) because I rarely drive that fast.

BTW, this is "speed week" at Bonneville, so there were a lot of interesting vehicles coming and going.
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