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Originally Posted by john wheeler View Post
Update i had the starter rebuilt, and it made no difference,still blowing the fuse . I did find that if i unplugged the four pin wiring harness from the control box,i could crank the generator up but would not stay running. So i replaced the regulator, now the generator starts but wont stay running and does not blow the fuse. From what i can see looking at the wiring diagram there is a relay made by guardian electric "A410-3666186-151" that takes 120 ac signal to activate a 12 volt relay. That keeps fuel solenoid open.This relay is a 12 pin so I'm not sure how to test it and i have had no luck locating it on the great world wide web.
If you hold the fuel solenoid in, will the generator stay running? If so when you do that are you getting 120 VAC and is the cooling fan running?
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