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Originally Posted by shaaksma View Post
I've been fighting with what I thought was a rear axle seal leak, but no oil or sludge on brakes or between the wheels. Then I was told it was a outer flange, no oil on the gasket and everything is tight. Mechanic didn't want to proceed for lack of parts.

New mechanic suggests cracked rear axle hub?

No one wants to touch my bus. I've called at least a dozen shops, I even brought it in to one or two. I have another appointment at Cashman Caterpillar in Las Vegas, but was warned to "bring my own parts" or expect to leave it for "awhile".

Has anyone else had a cracked hub and what should be done?
I haven't had your problem, but maybe your taking the bus to the wrong places. You don't take the bus to a Cat House for a chassis or drive train problem. The Cat House will know how to repair you engine but may not have a clue on the rear end or axles. I would suggest a Class 8 truck repair shop. They should have access to parts and the knowledge on what and how to fix it. I have two or three places very close to me that do excellent work on rear ends, axles, brakes, etc.

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