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Originally Posted by ranewbould View Post
ATCKIP, Tried that, no change. I noticed when I switched on the cabin batteries there is a click and then the lights go on. Same thing happens when I switch them off. Is there a senloid in that compartment? Maybe it needs to be replaced.
Another possibility if it is just the high beams is a problem with the turn signal/light dimmer stalk. It is designed so a pull back on the stalk flashes the high beams, even with the headlamp switch in the "Off" position. My guess is the stalk is the culprit and stuck in this position. I had one go bad on my '90 and the high beam headlights would shut off when the right turn signal was activated.

If you hear the soleniod clicking, it is probably working normally. Have you checked the On/Off switch for the headlights to rule it out? Dimmer for low beams (on the turn signal stalk on my previous 90) works to switch high and low beams? On many '90's the chassis and coach batteries are connected so when you say "when I switched on the cabin batteries" you are probably turning "On" the chassis batteries too.
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