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Working at the fire dept for 30 years, it hit us hard. Myself and nine other fire apparatus techs who were members of the Ohio Emergency Vehicle Repair Technicians Group started to get ready to go to NYC on our own dime to help repair the damaged equipment. At the last moment we were cancelled. The OEM didn't want any outside free labor in the mix. The NYC fire shop guys welcomed us to come but our organisation had strong ties to DD/Allison and we were told to stay put! I will never forget that day, where I was and how I felt. Like the day JFK was shot. Many firefighters from Toledo went to Ground Zero multiple times to dig in the ruins. Lost a close friend who was a heavy equipment operator in NYC. He worked there for 7 months 7 days a week 12 or more hours a day until he got sick from the dust and was gone in a few months. In many ways we will never be the same.

Rick in Ohio

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