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Default M450 Help

Hello All,

I am new to the forum, but a long time admirer of the Wanderlodge! We have been RVers for 30 plus years and have owned several motorhomes, including five diesel pushers, but have always wanted a Wanderlodge. Well, we are now looking at the purchase of a 2006 M450 - I like the older versions, but the boss says we have to have two slides in the living area to accomodate the grandkids and she always wins with that argument!

I am about to pull the trigger on the M450 and am aware of the front axle overloading issue and the recall, but I am confused as it seems there has been more than one "version" or "iteration" of the recall. What do I need to check to verify that is has the latest and greatest updates and can I still get them done or am I on my own?

Are there any other issues with the M450 I should be aware of and check out prior to putting my money where my mouth is? I think I read somwhere that only 57 of them were ever built, is that true? If so, it is not a lot of units to use as a data base, but any help as I make an evaluation is greatly appreciated.

Last question (at least for today) is where do I get service in the west? I am located in the Bay Area of the Peoples Republic of California and have not seen any discussion about service centers out here.

Thank you in advance for your help and I look forward to becoming part of your clan!
Dan Child
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