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You need to get in touch with Mark at Auto Air Authority here in Houston. He helped someone on the group last year with this. He has a bracket to convert the york boat anchor to a sanden compressor. Much lighter and 10x more efficent. I buy all of my a/c parts from him and very very rarley see a failure, and I do a LOT of A/C's here in Houston. Mark is very friendly and customer oriented, will ship, and goes the extra mile for his customers.
His number is 713-460-0007. Regular business hours. Central Time.
If I remember correctly, the bracket, fittings, compressor(new not reman) ,x-valve and drier were in the $350 - 400 range.
If Mark has any questions tell him to give me a call.
He can also supply your a/c needs for any vehicle at prices I promise you will never match. He has kits for most NORMAL cars at $234.00 Compressor(new not reman), drier, x-valve or orfice, o-rings and oil. Usually you cannot by a reman compressor at the parts house for that
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