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Originally Posted by stanley7140 View Post
Has any one had trouble with the fuel pump locking up and drawing too much intermitantly? Or had anything like this?

Good question. My DKD is doing something like that--burned trace on the PCB, dickey CB11/CB12, but bypassing those problems, still couldn't get it to crank until I moved the wire harness around between the DC box and the fuel pump. I still need to go wire by wire to find the problem, but it is clearly a short or broken wire.

From past experience with Onan and one-wire Facit fuel pumps, I know that the 12V wire to the pump can be a problem. Ir runs thru a grommet in the side of the pump and disappears into the interior of the cannister, where you can't see to inspect the condition. Exposure to fuel, heat, and vibration can embrittle the wire insulation, leading to an intermittent short. If it shorts inside the pump, replacement is the only real option.
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