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Originally Posted by markbragdon View Post
Very sorry to hear about your windshield, Mike. It is painful, in some retail establishments, to get the correct windshield. I know someone will chime in with the correct part number soon. I replaced my windshield last year. In spite of having the correct part number, the people Progressive uses to handle glass claims (Duncan Group) managed to send the wrong piece of glass. If you check the Blue Box in your coach, you will find a thin, soft cover book that has all the BB part numbers for glass, lamps, etc. These part numbers for the windshield ARE still good! I called the OEM directly and made sure they still had in stock the correct size glass including the correct vertical height of the tinted area on the upper part of the windshield. They (Duncan Group) still ordered the wrong one. I made them send it back for the correct one. The wrong one had a much shorter tint in it. You have that book in your coach. Good luck! Call if you need help.
Yep, the part numbers are important, & specific, there is a black band on the bottom, color & width of the tint at the top of the windshield. Gardian knows about BB windshields
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