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Originally Posted by susanmarycamilleri View Post
Picked up the 96 PT42 from Florida. My neighbour went with me. We flew there on Sun night, got to the PO house about noon on Mon. Left around 1700hrs mon. Arrived home at 1630 hrs on Fri. Florida to Vancouver Is in 3 and 1/2 days, averaged 6.9 miles/ US Gal.

Bus ran great. Have several questions. The first being I got a engine caution several times. It cleared every time I shut the engine down but reappeared every leg of the trip. The warning was "EEPROM writing error" Does anybody know what this one means.

Coming through customs went smoothly. Had all paperwork in order. Now just have to complete RIV paperwork.
Just guessing here. I presume it is a L14 Detroit Series 60. Have a shop pull the codes and see what they find. I doubt it is a serious problem. May be just a loose wire or corroded wire in the DDEC III ??? system since it disappears when recycled.
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