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Default My Take - TPMS is Mandatory When Pulling a Toad

Originally Posted by Steelwheels View Post
Why did you decide to remove the theft guards. I also did the same after replaceing the batteries. I had issues with two senors also after replacing the batteries, they failed. It just became easier to put them on and off without the theft guard for me...

I would NEVER run without a TPMS if pulling a toad. It’s handy for the coach but is a mandatory safety item on a toad. Many years ago, my parents were pulling a Nissan truck behind their gas powered motorhome. The truck blew a rear tire and the only way they knew it was the people behind them getting their attention. Before stopping, they had driven a ways with the tire on fire as the rim ground down and disintegrated. The truck was totaled but luckily the fire didn’t spread to either the toad gas tank or their Ford 460 powered motorhome. With the torque our diesel engines have, we’d never notice if the same thing happened to us. I also have an upgraded rear camera, for the same reason. Running without a TPMS on your toad is like playing the line & shooting Craps, sooner or later you will 7-Out.
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