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I've been running the Pressure Pro system for about 14 years. Only had 2 false alarms in all those years. Only problem with Pressure Pro is their batteries are NOT replaceable. So I end up replacing sender units every 3 to 5 years. At $35 each. However, the set I have on now is 7 years old. I found that if I remove them when sitting for a week or more, the batteries have been doing just fine.

To replace all 8 sending units at $35 each every 5 years may seem a little crazy. ($280) But heck that's less than half the cost of a tire. And if I had a blow out, the damage to the coach, plus a new tire, plus potentially an accident and damage to someone else....well, that $280 insurance policy every 5 years or more, doesn't seem so crazy. Especially when you figure in the total cost of running the coach full time for the last 10 years, that $280 becomes inconsequential.

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