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[QUOTE=rshrimp;447145]TST. I had Tire Minder and hated it.
I have flow throughs on the bus and regulars on the toad. I spoke with TST engineer about reading OEM Toad Sensors. He said it could be done, but the OEM's won't give out the code and every OEM is different.
He also said, he could not give out the codesi[/QomUOTE]

I bet it is only a matter of time that tire pressure monitoring system health and reading will be part of the emissions Comprehensive Component Monitor CCM test to prove a check engine light or pass state smog. The OEM paramater IDs will then be public. i wonder if the interest in proving tirepressure reading is more for avoiding blow outs or for fuel efficiency and fed mpg rules. One of my issues with these add to the tire stem system is the additional risk of leak, trust of the data it sends and unbalance of wheel. My Land Rover spits a dash warning at 7# off, my Fiat electric cars spit a warning at 2# off I still just kick the tires on my Pinto and no blowouts.

Collecting data realtim is cool but not as a replacement to pull into a rest area and do a walk around.
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