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Awesome job. No such thing. My old man took apart anything that didn't work and fix it (99%). So my wife's new dog just got the TV remote. Chewed it down to the first set of top buttons. Lucky she spit out the I/R diode. I had to guess about a few of the circuit board traces she chewed up. I used 22 gauge wire to fix the top of the board. sawed it even around the top and filled the end with epoxy. Before we fixed it, I hope we taught her a lesson with it lol. She is a pup and we left her out, so it's our fault. She chewer.

With an old school oscilloscope, maybe a logic probe and a meter you can fix about anything, if you understand circuits. Its when they pot (seal) the boards its a pain.

Same dog got behind the new sofa and chewed up the low voltage control circuit box, board and all. it has electric recliners. Took me a while, but I fixed the bundle of wires, the board and put it all in a metal box.

She told me the lady who gave her the pup came over for coffee, before I got up. I hoped she gave the **** dog back. Nope, got up and she is sleeping like a baby next to me grrr.
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