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To add more info, you can also check receptacles with a digital volt meter before plugging the coach in.

You use a digital volt meter set to higher volts than you are testing. When testing a 20 amp or 30 amp outlet, set to greater than 120 volts (probably 200 volts on meter).

When testing both "hots" on a 50 amp outlet, set volt meter higher than 240 volts (probably 800 or 1000 on meter). may help visualize it.
Check the 20 amp:

YouTube 50 amp test video:

DRY HANDS and DRY FEET TO TEST, hold the plastic part of the tester.

Good thing about the EMS is it does the testing for you. But sometimes you have to prove to the campground owner the receptacle is bad, not the coach. Easiest way is to show them via the digital volt meter.
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