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Feel free to disagree.

You and/or TA stole .24 per gallon in taxes from the state (even though unintentional on your part). I am no fan of taxes, but I don't intend to suffer the fines for not paying a legal statewide fuel tax. I don't refuel with red off road desiel, and I don't accept a tax break that is not legally mine at the pump. I was asked 3 times at one major chain in Oregon (Portland) if I was private and I said yes all 3 times - I think they were offering me "the break". Oregon likely has fuel tax inspectors visiting the fuel sellers, and I don't want to become the example in the courts or on the nightly news.

Your best and safest recourse is to never again fuel in Oregon as EVERY fuel station does the exact same thing on the electronic billboards statewide. Every Oregon resident and most visitors know the advertised price is for the truckers, and that a private sale is .24 more per gallon.

A letter writing campaign to Oreogn legislators and EVERY fuel chain in Oregon "might" get you to have things the way you want them to be, versus the reality of life in Oregon.

Taxes do suck in general, and get higher by the year.

First of all, I don't know where you got your 24 cents, $2.98-$2.66= 32 cents. I'm glad to know that you are a honest person and pay your taxes. That was not the issue here. Your remark that is outlined in red above was uncalled for. You don't know if TA collected and paid the taxes on the sale or not, you're just assuming they didn't. That being said, I'm now sorry I brought the issue up but I was only trying to make all aware of the discrepency in the TA road sign prices and the actual price. This is my last post on the subject. Please consider the conversation closed......

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