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Default the Girard saga continues

I contacted Girard about three weeks ago explaining the awning had never reliably retracted according to the PO or in my year of ownership. I bought a wind sensor for a $100 and they comp'd the new CL (must have caught them in a weak moment).

I pulled the TV, changed the CL and successfully tested its retract function multiple times from various locations. Put it all back together and tested one final time..... NO POWER RETRACT!

I talked to one of the techs at Girard today. He told me that the cause could be voltage fluctuation. After I explained testing was done when connected to shore power he told me that I didn't need the CL and that I should remove it and connect the in/out wires together. After than I am to adjust the extend and retract limit switches until I get to a firm retraction followed by automatic motor shut down. He said the CL was installed to avoid having to periodically adjust the limit switches as the awning fabric stretches.

I'm not too satisfied with this patch. I don't know if there are any retract current adjustments on the new CL but I think that will be the first thing I try. Might even reinstall the old CL and try cranking up its pot to see if I can make any improvements.
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