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Originally Posted by JackandLiz View Post
Howdy, WOGers.
We are running all 3 air conditioners while we are parked at our place in Dhanis, TX. Today the temp is 107 degrees at 5 P.M. The temp in the kitchen is 78 right now. Electric bills range between $200 - $225/ month.

C'mon rain!!!

Liz - maybe I'm way off base, but that sounds high to me. We live in steamy Southwest Georgia and cool over 4000 square feet. Seems to me our bills run about that in the worst of the summer keeping the temperature on 73 to 74.

I'm not sure RV Air conditioners are SEER rated. When we restored the house 7 years ago I put in the most efficient systems I could buy. Even with that, when my wife is out of town, I generally move out to the old GMC in the back yard and live cheap.
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