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Default Latest upgrade project

Some of you who know me well know that I really enjoy doing little upgrade projects to my bird, much more so than just fixing it. Well I am here to announce my latest "Binford" upgrade. Ed Wimberly was kind enough a couple of years ago to sell me (for a really good price, thanks Ed) an M-450 transmission cooler that he picked up at the factory auction. Now what in the world would John want with that, it won't fit an FC. Now it does. This beast is about 5' long and around 6" x 8". ( I don't have the exact measurements here at work). I installed it lengthwise along the right frame rail directly behind the propane tank. I made a really nice mounting fixture (welded angle mostly) that allows it to mount snuggly in place followed by bolting in. Unfortunately I somehow deleted all "before" pictures when I down loaded them. I have yet to figure out how I did that. Anyhow, I had a fellow who owns a local hose place make up some Aeroquip hydraulic hoses ($$$ ouch) similar to what he makes for tractors and other busses. I do have one picture of them installed.
One of my objectives, besides liking to tinker, was to remove the transmission cooling off of the main radiator. My theory is that from experience, its the transmission that in hot weather causes me to have to engage the engine fan so often in stop and go city traffic. Anyone with an 3208 NA knows what that does to power. Just throw out the anchor instead. I know from previous threads that there are a couple of camps on the subject of keeping the transmission cooling in the radiator or not. No interest in continuing that debate. I will say however that I drilled and tapped in a place for a temp probe in the output side of the cooler. On my first test drive (about 45 miles) my engine radiator did stay (average) cooler especially in stop and go traffic (weather upper 80's). My transmission temps hovered around 200 to 205 the entire time. No transmission cooler fan is required in my opinion, too much surface area to radiate heat to need one.
I will post the one picture showing the hose connections. However an "as installed" picture would not show much as you can now only see the back side of the cooler which is a large metal plate with 10 SS bolts in it. The cooler openings are on top and bottom which for the most part can't be easily (at least with a camera) be seen. There is sufficient air flow around it however. Enjoy the pic, get a few chuckles and feel free to crawl under the bus at the rally if you are real curious.

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