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Default Facet Fan and Clutch Bearing Replacement

My facet fan was a little noisy so I decided to take it apart and rebuild anything I could. I discovered the bearing that is pressed in the clutch fan hub was bad. It is an uncommon size, 30mm x 55mm x 23. It is a Nachi 30BG05S5G-2DS. Went to get it at Canada Bearings, $95.00. Ouch. Looked high and low and could only find China bearings which I am not a fan of. This same bearing is used in a Motocraft AC pump. So I tried NAPA, and they had an SKF bearing equivalent, part number 5106-WCC. It was only $37.00. When I got it, in the box was a Nachi bearing, exact same part number as I was origionally looking for. So, moral is try NAPA. They have China bearings as well as the SKF.
I was able to replace the bearing in the magnet body, it is a 6006-2RS. That one is fairly common and easy to press in.
The bearing in the main hub with the pulleys on it is a double tappered roller, like a front spindle bearing assembly on older rear wheel drive cars. There is a spacer between the two bearings to give it the exact distance required. Mine was slightly sloppy, so I took some sandpaper and sanded both sides of the spacer until the bearing was tight and had the proper amount of play in it. All back together now. It is cold up hear right now so I have not fired up the Cat yet but everything looks and feels fine. Wanted to let anyone know about the bearing numbers if they decide to rebuild the facet fan. Personally I have not had any major issues with mine so I am going to keep it instead of replacing it with an air fan.
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